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RIP in piss Belle Delphine's instagram.

I saw the subs as the video was loading and thought it was gonna be moon but I'm pleasantly surprised it was scottish english, which is hilarious cause it's impossible to understand by non speakers, could've been more gratuitous with it though.

Gud shit tho 9/10 it was okay. -IGN

Moral of the story: Vore is a shit fetish *BA DUM TISS*

I pity the fool who watches this on psychedelics. Liable to be used by the CIA for psychological torture along with a healthy dose of RC psychs. Pat yourselves on the back, you've succeeded in making a digusting mindfuck.

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Brilliant concept! This is basically rocket jumping from Quake but in 2D. The levels are cleverly designed and it feels fun to fire and move the cannon around. Unfortunately a couple problems plague the game. If the mouse leaves the window, you lose control, this'd be fixed by having the game as standalone and it grabbing your mouse. Another thing is I sometimes fire point blank and the explosion seems to grab by the opposite direction, and that sucks. The last nitpick I have is that if you fire the ball and the fucker goes to the sky, you might as well restart. Now I understand if the ball just keeps on bouncing forever, that was your mistake, but a flyball should at least be counted out of bounds and it should immediately let you fire again, however I understand it as a design choice in order to make the game more challenging in the way you have to plan out your shots.

I did have some problems on my end though, even with the newgrounds player, after a certain level, the game froze. Might be on my end though.

Either way, 7/10, good shit dude.

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I dig it, those FM8 sounds vibe real nice, specially them Timecop 1984 smooth sounding bell like leads

Aha, a fellow 10%er (apparently for all the submissions only 10% were rock or of the sort) from the competition, now that the dust has settled and I'm out I can sit down and listen to some of the other things. For starters, this mix is e x q u i s i t e, everything comes through very loud and very clearly, hell I can tell what kind of instruments are used. I dig the organ parts, very Deep Purple, and the whole vibe really, really captures that mid 90's grunge feel. I'm actually surprised by that cause it sounds very genuine. Tasteful lead around 2:58 too, and the drums changing to snare on the beat to lead into the chorus is also real nice. One thing I felt however, is how I felt like the chorus at 1:07 could've entered in louder, kind of a dynamics nitpick, but I was expecting a wall of sound to come and punch my eardrums you feel me? I think that's a hallmark of 90's grunge and I'm kinda sad I find it missing.

Either way, congratulations on being the top scorer, and good luck on the next round man.

Let me begin by getting this out of the way, I fucking HATE stratocasters, I hate the wiry wussy tone they got when trying to get em filthy, I hate how they look, I hate how they're the most common fucking guitar style around. Fortunately, the tone on this shit is thick enough to please me, so that's fuckin great. On the playing, it's 100% certified not gay, I do however wish the synths were more 80's synthy, like Maiden in Somwhere in Time, that'd be radical. I really have nothing bad to say 'bout this, I wish I could play that cleanly and well, but eh, I guess I'm satisfied with what I got 'till now.

Good fuckin shit cap'n

DanJohansen responds:

I got a stratocaster with some proper metal pickups ;) A lot of the other fender's come with very weak but nice sound for accoustic stuff... I got the Yngwie Malmsteen Metal pickups for it, that's why it's not wussy :D

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They did it, Nintendo finally found out what sells these games is fucking porn.

I'm not complaining though.

Human centipide but it's actually hot


favrit girl, cute pinup, hell yeah son more fuckin ZED

All my favorite artists are porn.
I want to lick Larkin Love's asscrack
I play metal and do lots of meedly meedlys cause they sound awesome




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