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haha sexy pirate queen smirk make brain go BRRRR

Pelito en este momento, en este mismo instante, en este mismo minuto eres mi persona favorita en el mundo por sacar esto y si te podria rolar un porron bien cabron lo haria

Animacion del cabron año

I understand Submen would've been more precise but ya can't help the Seamen pun. Very nice JohnnyUtah impressions, I almost forgot this was 2021.

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I like it! A very nice continuation of the original game, the mechanic really makes you think and is a definite improvement over the first game.

Can't give it a perfect score because I wanted more levels, really gotta set autofire for the dumb levels though

Brilliant concept! This is basically rocket jumping from Quake but in 2D. The levels are cleverly designed and it feels fun to fire and move the cannon around. Unfortunately a couple problems plague the game. If the mouse leaves the window, you lose control, this'd be fixed by having the game as standalone and it grabbing your mouse. Another thing is I sometimes fire point blank and the explosion seems to grab by the opposite direction, and that sucks. The last nitpick I have is that if you fire the ball and the fucker goes to the sky, you might as well restart. Now I understand if the ball just keeps on bouncing forever, that was your mistake, but a flyball should at least be counted out of bounds and it should immediately let you fire again, however I understand it as a design choice in order to make the game more challenging in the way you have to plan out your shots.

I did have some problems on my end though, even with the newgrounds player, after a certain level, the game froze. Might be on my end though.

Either way, 7/10, good shit dude.

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Much more compositionally ambitious than the previous submission I must admit! Guitar tone has much more meat to it, however I feel a nice aggressive bridge jazz bass tone would've complimented the guitars. Songwritingwise I'm very impressed with the variety of signature changes, chord usage, and their applications to the general structure, idk if you might think I'm easily impressed but then again I'm not very big at all on more modern progressive metal(core) bands, it's impressive however you managed to stick all of this together and not have it feel incomplete or rushed. I also find it impressive the amount of key changes in the piece, and how they fit in and don't feel predictable. 9/10 Impressive, very nice.

As the song progressed, both the rhythm and lead guitars began to deviate from the generic path and added lil flourishes that really gave the tune spice. At first it was difficult to classify as metal due to the very mid 2000's pop punk riff, but once the double bass started rolling in I found it to fit comfortably on the lighter side of mainstream mid 2000's metalcore. I felt the drums a little dry, but I assume the definition helps this style of music work better, however I felt the lead could've worked better with a hotter kind of guitar tone going through it, maybe try a TS or SD1 style overdrive to help pop the midrange out more? I can also detect your electronic influence shining through in small pitch shifts and sprinkles of synth within the song, bonus points for it being subtle. I must admit it sounds a little too newschool for my taste, given my criticism, but overall it is a fine piece imo. 8/10.

FinaLee responds:

Thank you for your honest opinion! It's funny you mention a TS because I was actually looking around for it in the house and still can't find it!

very thicc bass yes, thicc sludgy guitars too. I feel drums would've helped if they were massively reverberated like Mournful Congregation works them. The chuggy riff had stockholm swedeath vibes with the tremolo pickin in between the punishing chugs. At some points I felt some harmonies could've come sooner, but now that I think about it, Doom is slower compositionally as well, and I guess it took time for my speed metal addled brain to acclimate to that. The lead tone is fuckin killer, piercing as shit, are you using a humbucker equipped guitar for it? I feel it doesn't sound as thin as the single coil sound I assume has been part of your rhythm tone. The static at the end was to fantastic effect as well, very nice desolate feeling, gave me Saint Vitus vibes too.

Banana-head responds:

Thanks for the review! Yes my guitar has a humbucker, i used the same guitar for both the rhythm and lead. For rhythm i used the fuzz/distortion mode of my Boss FZ5 and for lead i used the octafuzz mode. The static at the end is feedback with the octafuzz mode turned on.

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Welp, I give, time to take the coof jab.

"Your most holy lordship, do you feel it in yet?"

(Rogal_Dorn_No.wav playing)

Ah but then you can't have post nut clarity if you never stop c00ming.

Professional degenerate.
All my favorite artists are porn.
I want to lick Larkin Love's asscrack
I play metal and do lots of meedly meedlys cause they sound awesome


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