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Professional degenerate.
All my favorite artists are porn.
I want to lick Larkin Love's asscrack
I play metal and do lots of meedly meedlys cause they sound awesome


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Posted by MercyfulDeath - May 17th, 2021

OK HI, SO, MAI NAEM IS MERCYFUL DEEEETH, AND, UM, IT'S BEEN A WHILE SINCE I DROPPED ANYTHING OR MADE A NEWS POAST AND, reason being life's gotten in the way, got a new job (that pays like shit, no seriously below minimum wage lmao fucking Puerto Rico) mixing cement and making yard furniture and shit, and it's been hard on my body and mind, haven't been able to dedicate much time to music and shit.

But I wanted to make post bout the following; I am open for collabs and shit, I mean generally anyone could've messaged me bout wanting to make one because lmao I'm not an asshole (least I think I'm not HEH) and am generally open for fucking anything within reason, but I wanted to make it clear. Anyway yeah that's it, I'm still alive, sober fortunately, and uh, yeah.

Send tiddy pix.



Posted by MercyfulDeath - January 6th, 2021


tl;dr for all you folks

Heroin bad mmkay.

Lotta shit happened, got a job, got addicted to heroin again, crashed the car, lost the job, used the last of my money to start shooting up instead of snorting, got into trouble, walked streets for a while, got cravings until November, fucked up, got str8 on December, still did dumb shit, but well now I'm clean for about a month now. Anyway I released a project in bandcamp

https://plaganegra.bandcamp.com/releases please check it out if you've enjoyed my work

I posted a new song from it which you can check out here

Thanks for sticking around homeboys.


Posted by MercyfulDeath - January 1st, 2020

Well, this has been an interesting year, I never thought my old songs plus some of my newest would get positive reception. I want to do more, some collabs would be awesome, and anyone that wants to use my tunes for a video or a game and the like is more than welcome. I always wanted Newgrounders to use my shit for their projects. I hope this year I'm able to make more friends and bros. Don't got much more to say, but hey, peace out bros, have a good one.



Posted by MercyfulDeath - July 12th, 2019

Yeah uh, I'm kinda retarded at music and everything but hey if you need some radical MIDI metal for your shit, then I'm your man. I specialize mostly in traditional 80's metal, y'know think Accept, Iron Maiden, Manilla Road, etc. Or in vidya gaem terms, Thunder Force IV's Metal Squad.

I can do like uh, title themes, or like stage music, maybe some cool character intros or ditties, I'm not very sure, but tell me what you want and gimme examples and I'll try to bang something out.

Because of my lack of skill in theory and other dumb shit, I work for free, so if you're not satisfied then you haven't lost much.



Posted by MercyfulDeath - May 14th, 2019

>Frontpage for Stand up and Fight


I'm having a pretty hard time believing this, but uh, well, alright I guess. And even then it may not mean much but fuck it's something, I've just never expected anyone outside of close friends to give a fuck about the music I do. Thanks I guess, I feel speshul now.